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Searching hotels for smokers

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find hotels that have smoking bedrooms.
Each year fewer hotels cater for smokers. has no argument with this but does deplore the way many hotels appear to conceal their policy on smoking until after booking. Furthermore, the quality of information on hotel websites is often poor, lacking or ambiguous. The same goes for many written hotel guides.
"No smoking in public and private spaces" - fine, but do some rooms have direct access to a garden or patio area where smoking is alowed?
"Non smoking rooms available" - does this imply smoking rooms are available?

We urge the hotel industry to be more explicit about their smoking policy so that all customers can make a truly informed choice.


1. Use
2. Take advice from smoking friends.
3. Use a written hotel guide and cross check information on the hotel website.
4. Avoid small boutique hotels
5. Larger hotels are more likley to set aside rooms for smokers
6. Some areas seem more relaxed about smoking than others eg coast harder than cities.
7. Contact the hotel directly, specifically enquiring about smoking.
8. If emailing or faxing the hotel state you are looking for a one week booking (ie a customer worth having).
9. Faxes tend not to be ignored.
10. Print out confirmations and present to reception on arrival.
11. Submit a review to to broaden choice