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Rating system

To the best of our knowledge we only list hotels that have facilities for smokers in or attached to bedrooms.
If a hotel does have smoking bedrooms - all public areas (bars, reception, corridors, etc.) will still remain non smoking.

We list two hotel categories only:
1. The hotel has bedrooms within which smoking is allowed - our Gold Standard!
2. The hotel has bedrooms with direct access (eg patio door) to the outside where smoking is allowed. However smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the hotel.


2 cigarettes
2 cigarettes

Smoking bedrooms available


Smoking in some bedrooms is allowed

1 cigarette
1 cigarette

Bedroom has direct outside access


Smoking is allowed in an outside area directly attached to the bedroom, but smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the Hotel.

Hotel information

We give an AA/RAC/Visit England etc. star rating if known (to gauge quality/cost)
The total number of bedrooms (to gauge size)
A current website address (to enable contact)

We do not review the hotel in terms of specific services and quality aspects as this is already well documented on other hotel sites such as "Tripadvisor", "", "Late Rooms" etc. See our resources page for appropriate links.